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Brochures, Product Descriptions, Case studies, and White Papers on a range of topics on VoIP Security.


Introducing Velona
Introducing Velona’s multi-tiered approach to VoIP Security.


SIP Based Malware Attacks against 4G VoLTE & 5G Networks
The move to SIP brings hugely increased risk to the Core Network. This white paper discusses how, using hacked and malware infected mobile devices of users, Denial of Service (DoS) and Toll Fraud attacks are enabled.

GDPR and VoIP: Problem or Opportunity?
GDPR can be seen as a burden for Service Providers. However, this white paper argues that it represents a significant competitive opportunity, and discusses the opportunities GPPR offers fixed line and mobile Service Providers and Enterprises, particularly call & contact centres, lawyers, and accountants.

Denial of Service Attacks against VoIP Systems
There are many different types of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks that can be used against VoIP telephony systems. This paper presents an overview of attack types, as well as an analysis of why the existing solutions are insufficient in defending against many of the present-day and emerging attack strategies.

Product Descriptions

CRACKER Enterprise Product Description
Find your VoIP weakness before the hackers and fraudsters.

CRACKER Service Provider Product Description
Advanced VoIP Security verification via Cloud SaaS for Service Providers and Consultants.

WATCHER Product Description
No one sees the bad calls from the good calls faster.

C and Java Library for OEMs Product Description
Immediately embed a deeper level of VoIP Security in your existing solutions.

VoIP Security Verification Service Description
Advanced VoIP Security Verification as a service, on a per project basis, delivered by VoIP Security experts.

Case Studies

CRACKER – Vodafone Case Study
See how a Tier 1 Operator used Velona for advanced VoIP Security Verification on a new Vendor.