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Velona are looking for strategic partnerships. Grow your own revenues, whilst simultaneously improving your own Security reputation by delivering best-in-class VoIP Security along with your other solutions.

Security as an UpSell – We offer white label capability along with pay-as-you-use & project based pricing to allow you test market new solutions which better secure your end customers.

Ready-made VoIP security products – Our Cloud SaaS delivery brings VoIP security risk and compliance management solutions to your customers on demand. We have flexible licensing options, zero touch provisioning, no billing integration requirements, with optional on-premise delivery as required.

Sign up with us through our Channel Partner program and avail of group discounts for our VoIP Security products. We provide all training, sales assistance, and free demo/trial account programs as standard, with specialist technical sales engineers to support closing out the larger accounts.


Call us today on +353 21 242 8400 or email us at to learn how we can secure your business against VoIP Fraud and other malicious attacks.