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Our Customers

We help enterprises already providing communications or cyber security solutions to their own end customers to achieve best-in-class reputation for VoIP Security.

Communications Service Providers (CSPs)

Operators, Telecommunications Re-sellers, Integrators

We empower CSPs to give Enterprises peace of mind by allowing them check they have the best possible VoIP Security configured whenever they want, and to put in place real-time dedicated VoIP detection & protection on their voice communications traffic.

We allow CSPs to speedily turn on and off VoIP test resources when it comes to validating their own systems ahead of launch or after an upgrade, of when undergoing a new Vendor selection.

We provide CSPs with the power to detect & stop Toll Fraud and Telephony Denial of Service (T-DoS) attacks in real-time.

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)

SOCs, MSPS, Security & Test consultancies

We provide the capability for MSSPs to protect and monitor enterprise communications systems 24/7 *365 from VoIP security threats, along with all the other high value protection they provide in the wider Cyber Security services space.

We licence our test and verification toolkits to allow consultants to validate Voice Systems’ security on behalf of their clients.


Communications Product Vendors, Cyber Security companies

Our flexible code base can be easily bundled to extend any feature set to make it truly VoIP secure.

We design our products to easily integrate into existing technical solution, and seamlessly fit your value chain whilst enrich existing VOIP and Security offerings.

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