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CRACKER™ from Velona Systems provides dedicated VoIP Security verification from the Cloud, routinely checking for any weaknesses that could result in Toll Fraud, D/T-DoS & SPIT attacks.

Velona offer two editions of CRACKER, and both editions are designed with Business-To-Business delivery in mind. We help enterprises already providing communications or cyber security solutions to their own business customers to achieve best-in-class reputation for Customer Security.

Velona offer two editions of CRACKER:

CRACKER – Enterprise Edition

Our Enterprise edition allows enterprise level checks which routinely show weaknesses, such as a configuration error has been introduced into the VoIP system that could result in successful Toll Fraud or T-DOS attacks.


CRACKER – Professional Edition

Our Professional edition provides on-demand stress testers which allows CSPs or MSSPs to fully validate the Security capability of their VoIP system, or a specific Vendor component, ahead of a launch, a large deployment, or after each upgrade.



Enterprise Edition

  • SIP Port Scanning
  • Extension Discovery
  • Password Attack
  • Telephony D/DDOS Attack
  • Toll Fraud Testing
  • Nuisance Call Testing
  • VoIP End-Point Reboot Testing

Professional Edition

  • T/D-DOS agent Testing
  • SPIT agent Testing
  • Nuisance Calling
  • End Point Rebooting
  • SIP Parser Stressing
  • SIP Load Testing
  • SIP over TLS stress Testing

Common Features

  • Web front-end and scheduler
  • Exec and Engineer level reporting
  • Compliance reporting
  • Critical vulnerability alerting
  • White-label capability

Available from the Cloud via Software as a Service (SaaS), or as an on-premise installation entirely inside an end-customer’s private IP network, CRACKER can be run on any form of SIP based VoIP network, from the smallest Enterprise using just a single SIP trunk or a handful of IP Phones, to the very largest VoIP centric networks.

Any system with IP PBXs, IMS or non- IMS SIP networks, E-SBCs, Core Network side SBCs, IP Phones, softphones, SIP Application Servers, and Softswitches can benefit from regular use of CRACKER.

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