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Velona Systems’ mission is to facilitate the total elimination of T-DoS and Toll Fraud from VoIP communications. We provide real-time VoIP threat detection and protection via Cloud SaaS solutions to eliminate risk to key infrastructure, productivity loss, revenue loss, or brand damage.

We are alarmed by the ever-growing attacks on Communications Infrastructure, and we fundamentally disagree with the prevailing Industry view that VoIP can be treated as just another IP Data subset in wider Cyber Security solutions.

Velona’s view is that SIP attacks can get through most of the current equipment or Cyber security tools on the market today. We do not believe the issue of Toll Fraud should be buried, and it cannot just be controlled by Blacklists or CDR based Analytics, and we know that even the best and most disciplined followers of encryption and multi-factor authentication still need answers for insider threats.

Real-time. All the time. For all

Our solutions are based on deep-DNA analysis of SIP and other VoIP protocols to ensure real-time decisions can be made on every call. We supplement this with a suite of affordable Cloud SaaS Security products which allows Testing resources to be bought on a per project basis, to run during vendor validation, prior to Product launch, or after every upgrade.

Our Cloud based VoIP vulnerability and Penetration test tools can be scheduled so that any enterprise regardless of size can externally check for any current VoIP weaknesses that can result in Toll Fraud, D/T-DoS and SPIT attacks.

We provide a multi-tiered approach to VoIP Security, all delivered via the Cloud.


Created in 2016 by the founders of Talking Sense Networks (acquired by Artilium), Velona’s R&D team has an unrivalled knowledge of VoIP, with first-hand knowledge of its flexibility and it vulnerability. SIP has democratized communications. It deserves the best protection. Velona uses its own proprietary technology to secure its customers’ Voice Systems from external and insider threats. Velona are backed by Enterprise Ireland and 465 Holdings.


John Daly

John Daly – CEO

Leadership roles within multiple start-ups, believes hugely in simplifying complex problems, combining new technology with old business pain points, translating these into commercially viable solutions.

Co-founder of Talking Sense Networks BVBA (Belgium), Nuatel Limited (Ireland).

Tony Friar

Tony Friar – CTO

Hugely experienced member of the telecoms community, acknowledged as leading SIP specialist, demonstrating commercial and financial understanding.

Technical Leadership role within Telecommunications Cloud Voice start-ups. Co-founder of Talking Sense Networks BVBA (Belgium).

Stephen Brewer

Stephen Brewer – Chairman

Proven CEO and CX level corporate board executive for Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange France, Cable and Wireless and Digicel.

John Kenefick

John Kenefick – Investment and Strategic Partnerships

Former Accenture Consultant and COO of QSat Broadband, now providing advisory and Non-Executive Director services to early and growth stage technology companies.