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Real time VoIP threat protection

WATCHER - Real-time VoIP Security

Real-time Toll Fraud, T-DoS and SPIT detection and protection. Non-stop analysis of VoIP attack data, build-up of signatures and threat patterns, real time alerting to a NOC or SOC.


Security Verification

Routinely checks for current VoIP weaknesses that can result in Toll Fraud, D/T-DoS & SPIT attacks.


VoIP Penetration & Stress testing

Velona In Action

We’re already helping the communications industry. Our multi-tiered solutions can be used in a variety of different ways, whether pre-checking ahead of launch, embedded to perform real-time protection somewhere in your solution, or as part of a value-add Security consultancy service.

We help Vodafone ensure they are SIP Secure. Our Cloud SaaS solutions support project based pricing enabling test spend to match pre-launch budget.

Read our SIP Secure case study here.

Our WATCHER protects Cereno’s own proprietary Unified Communications solutions against T-DoS and Toll Fraud attacks in real time.

Read how WATCHER delivers real-time call protection here.

About Velona Systems

Created in 2016 by the founders of Talking Sense Networks (acquired by Artilium), Velona Systems R&D team has an unrivalled knowledge of VoIP, with first-hand knowledge of its flexibility and it vulnerability.

SIP has democratized communications. It deserves the best protection. Velona uses its own proprietary technology to secure its customers’ Voice Systems from external and insider threats. Velona are backed by Enterprise Ireland and 465 Holdings.

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